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Anonymous sent: Are you, like, the only mail carrier for the post office? Isn't there anyone else who delivers mail as well?

Though I think I’ve got an advantage with my wings at least… heheh I ought to thank them more often.

Hope I wasn’t missed too badly nor that I was gone all too long… Eheheh… heh..
[ You guys might notice that the blog now has a bunch of empty pages! That’s because as a part of the reboot I decided to private most of the posts. There’s a few I’m keeping (Shiver City Ball, etc.), but yeah. Sorry for any future confusion and I hope this shall be a splendid reboot! 
I’ll be answering the asks I do have left still by the way. ]

Hope I wasn’t missed too badly nor that I was gone all too long… Eheheh… heh..

[ You guys might notice that the blog now has a bunch of empty pages! That’s because as a part of the reboot I decided to private most of the posts. There’s a few I’m keeping (Shiver City Ball, etc.), but yeah. Sorry for any future confusion and I hope this shall be a splendid reboot! 

I’ll be answering the asks I do have left still by the way. ]


Hmhm! An I wouldn’t mind gettin’ to know more about you.

> He seemed to be quite the interesting fellow. What was it like to be a Mail Carrier, he wondered.

An as much as Rogueport is full of troublemakers, it’s got a charm to it. Lots a diamonds in the rough if you ever have a really good look around. That an there are some honest folks makin’ good livin’ around there, too. Could go on.

> He fixes his cap, giving a listen to his troubles with the Parlor.

Didn’t think anythin’ different a’ you for just goin’ to the parlor. It’s a popular spot, often see a lot of folks there. I would’ve assumed you were on a break or the like.

A diamond in the rough you say? Makes me want to go find these people myself! Though I guess I’d stand out if it’s your version of Rogueport? I honestly must say that those who can tolerate living there under such circumstances are troopers. I’d  wonder what types of folks they are.

[/he looks to the side a bit]

Thank you for that. I hate to admit it, but if I weren’t an active participant of it, I’d personally think every player there was eccentric judging by a few of them.. I suppose I should strive to be a little bit more open-minded like you and take the time to look at things, eh?


Rio looked at the other forts. They were coming along much more quickly than the one he and Parakarry were building, but he didn’t let it bother him. He knew that if he let it eat him he’d be distracted from actually working, and end up pelted with snowballs. And he hated the cold.

“That would be pretty convenient, but after being in DryDry Desert and then Mt. Lavalava I think I could do without the fire.” he said.

“And you’re right, I don’t see much of anyone else around. I thought I spotted one or two people earlier, but not since then.”

Chuckling, he answered. “Yeah.. I guess you’re right. I didn’t mind Dry Dry Desert too much, but Mt. Lavalava sure was something else, whew! I don’t think I’ve ever felt so glad to get out of a place as I was there. I don’t know how Kooper deals with it.”

"I was with Bombette and Lak— Spike.. before I arrived at the resort. I wonder where they ran off to.”



“Karry!” Rio exclaimed in relief. It was a big encouragement to see not only his teammate, but his good friend hanging around and…building a fort!

“Good thinking, man!” he said, barreling down into the snow next to the winged man immediately and beginning to shore up piles of the stuff to pack together. “If we have a wall, we’ve got ourselves a shield! Just like a shell! Let me help.”

"Heh, you shouldn’t give me all the credit. I got the idea from the other team, actually." He motioned over towards Team 2’s forts. "I appreciate the help, though! I haven’t quite spotted any of our teammates as of yet. It really takes a good deal of work off my shoulders. Though if only this was like a shell. Especially Kooper’s. Imagine how convenient it’d be to fling it around and have it burst on fire! Though I do guess it would be a safety hazard or would just melt the snow. Hm..," he spoke as he continued his work.


Well maybe I could lead you around when we’ve got time, hm? No reason not to.

> And if he was correct, there was something about teams he’d seen mentioned before he set off? Maybe this fellow was on his.

An you’d be right, it ain’t the nicest place in the kingdom… But nonetheless, does have its perks.

> It was home. And that was all that really mattered. But the Parlor…?

And do you now? Maybe THAT’S where I’ve seen you! On one of my visits to the Western Side. Makes a lick of sense, hm?

Ah, that’d be quite the treat! A good refresher is always appreciated! I suppose we could get to know each other a bit more then as well.

[/he raised an eyebrow]

Would you mind telling me a bit more about this place and it’s nice qualities? I’d certainly be interested to hear them all! It’d all be news to me. 

[/he nodded]

Admittedly, I have a bad habit dealing with the parlor unfortunately.. I’ve been trying to cut on it but whenever I go to the blimp for my duty, I’m tempted each and every single time. I’m afraid that you saw me slacking off, of all things. It’s not really up to our motto…  I hope I didn’t make a bad impression?



“Oh boy…” rio muttered, “A Sports event of all things…doesn’t look like I’m gonna come out on top of this at all.”

He looked around. Most of the people here with arms were bound to be better in a snowball fight than him. He was going to have to rely on his brain and his speed like he always did. He sighed, drew up the hood of his coat, and went off to find a few of his teammates, hoping to form a strategy.


"Hello, ‘Rio! Over here!" the mailman exclaimed and waved, then motioning him over.  "Glad to see you’ve made it to the event! I’m gonna need a hand to help out for sure." He had been working rather slowly on making a blockade. The progress clearly wasn’t much and only made it to his knees after all this time. 


Really now? Least in my time I got to know Shiver City an around there.

> Always a plus to know the land, especially if it came to some of these aforementioned ‘events’.

Pleasure to meet you as well. And I think so, yes! I hail from Rogueport, sort of aged-lookin’ port town. Might you have passed through there at some point?

[/he chuckled sheepishly]

That would certainly be useful. I admittedly was pretty lost despite having been here before at least twice.. Though it’s admittedly been a few years.. or months, was it?

[/he went into deep thought for a few moments before replying with a grin]

Yes, yes.. I think I’ve been there once or twice. Not a rather pleasant town, if I remember correctly. The letters I’d have to deliver in that area though were more towards Petalburg and Glitzville. Though the number might be decreasing what with those Mailbox SPs… I remember seeing some of them in the more lively part near the parlor.

[/he jumps slightly at the realization]

Yes, I visit the parlor every so often! Now, I remember. It’s quite silly of me to forget about it retrospect, heheh..


> He jumped a bit at the sudden arrival. He didn’t expect to be approached so quick.

‘Ello to you as well. An aye, I did just arrive. S’pose I missed somethin’!

> Just as expected. But nonetheless, he doesn’t let that get him down.

I’m the Admiral Bobbery. An I believe I’ve caught sight a’ you somewhere before, Parakarry.

> So he was the somewhat elusive mail carrier!

[/Hm, this man’s dialect was certainly new to him. It intrigued him to say the least.]

Frankly, it wasn’t too much. It was just a feast to welcome everyone. They say the first event is today! It’s got me positively jittery just thinking about it, heh.

[/An admiral, did he say he was? My, this sailor certainly seemed interesting! The comment however shifted his expression as he cocked his head to the side in surprise]

Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Mister Bobbery! And have you? Where do you come from then? I don’t believe I’ve been to too many places besides the area around Toad Town and Decalburg…



“No, I really don’t remember much of anything,” Bette said, she jogged quickly after Parakarry to catch up with him and walked quickly to keep up with his longer strides.  ”I’m not so good with direction.   But maybe we can ask someone up here though!”  She said cheerily.   She was in a good mood for now but that would cease to be so if she got too cold.  

“I remember part of the resort map, I think, man, but—” They were already walking. Spike hurried to catch up, hands in his pockets and carried on walking along with them. “Yeah, Bombette’s right, there’s gotta be someone who knows. Hey, you know, like Rio! Where’s the short-stack when ya need him, man?”

"I’m afraid we might’ve wanted to plan for all of us to leave at the same time. Is there any way any of us could get a hold of Goombario? I’m certain he has one of those fancy Mailbox SPs." Not to say he didn’t have one himself, but he preferred not to use it. "Absolutely certain. I have one myself, if any of you folks can remember his email. Otherwise, I don’t have much of an idea of what to do besides attempting to talk to the mayor perhaps?"

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